Andrea Blesso Albuquerque has danced with each of the elements - underwater, 18ft in the air, spinning fire fans, and in the mountains of Portugal. She has many careers – as a Director of Dance at the Boston Center for the Arts, as a performer & Board member for EgoArt, Inc., as a model for artist Judith Larsen, as former Chair of the Artistic Advisory Committee at Green Street Studios, and as a member of the Steering Committee for Across the Ages Dance.

Andrea has over ten years of experience creating and managing dance programs in direct response to community need, over sixteen years of experience as a professional performer, and over eighteen years of administrative experience ranging from dance program development to office management.

Andrea founded the current layers of dance programs at the Boston Center for the Arts in 2009 and has been refining and creating opportunities for the dancers of Boston ever since. A firm believer that dance can happen everywhere and anywhere, Andrea uses her experience as a site-specific dancer in the curation and imagining of dance events. Through her dance programs, she has produced and partnered with over 80 dance companies in a program leadership role.

Throughout her dance life, Andrea has performed with Snappy Dance Theater, Bennett Dance Company, Falling Flight Project, Partners for Youth with Disabilities, and Annie Kloppenberg & Dancers, among others.

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